Visibility Project


DATE: Friday 22 September 2017

CAUSE: The LGBTQ+ Community is still marginalized in many pockets of South African society, and within this community as a whole, there are subgroups such as the Trans community and the lesbian community in rural areas, which are particularly hard hit by prejudice, violence and hate crimes.  This fundraiser aims to function as a platform that will allow those in the LGBTQ+ community (and their allies) who do enjoy some kind of privilege, ability, or influence, to be able to help these less fortunate members of the community.  It aims to bring about cohesion and support, and the emancipation and strengthening of the community as a whole.  If we can help one another, we all benefit.

GOAL: To raise awareness of hate crimes against vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as amplify, remember and celebrate the positive contribution of LGBTQ+ in larger society.

PURPOSE: To raise practical financial assistance that directly benefits Non-Profit Organizations that are dedicated to working with the LGBTQ+ communities in different regions of South Africa.  Every year a particularly vulnerable group of our community will be identified and funds will be raised to uplift this constituency in order to benefit us all in the long-term.

With the terrible increase of hate crimes and incidents of “corrective rape” in South Africa’s poorer communities, there has been a shadow of fear, anger and despair that has fallen over all other members of South African LGBTQ+ community. And sadly, there has to date been a lack of enough support and resources from most communities towards the NPOs that assist in matters affecting the LGBTQ+ populations.