Thank You

Thank You

Mr. Gay World South Africa has come and gone, and based on the reactions we have received, it has been a resounding success. Our aim was to create visibility for LGBTQ+ people in Southern Africa, and I believe we are achieving this aim, not only through the competition, but also through the delegates who have returned to their homes and who are continuing the work there.

Not only have the 12 delegates benefited from this endeavour, but also thousands of people have been touched in one way or the other. Over the past few weeks, orphaned children benefited from a donation of clothes; marathon runners have benefited from streets cleaned by the delegates; the judges and audiences who attended our events have been moved and inspired by the stories of the delegates; thousands of people have followed the event through social media or on GaySA Radio; how many people have seen our delegates with their t-shirts at various events and venues; the list is long and keeps on growing daily as the media coverage of the final results keep expanding. And of course each of the delegates is running a campaign, and these are continuing to touch various people’s lives.

We could never have done this without you. As a community driven event, we are dependent on people like you, people who have a passion for the LGBTQ+ community and the development of those who form part of our diverse community, as well as our allies. It is through your commitment and dedication, your support and help, your selfless involvement, that this event became the success it has turned out to be.

On behalf of the organisers and the delegates I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for all your efforts, big or small, that went into making this event the success it deserved to be. I trust we can depend on your continued support as we start planning Mr. Gay World Southern Africa 2018.

Once again, thank you for being a part of Mr. Gay World Southern Africa 2017.

I trust you will join me wishing our winner every success as he prepares to participate in Mr. Gay World 2018.