Hi beautiful people

My name is Thaio Lekhanya, your Mr Gay World Southern African 2017, 2nd runner up. I am an entrepreneur, model, creative director and fashion editor for online magazine focusing on African Queer man called Grandeur_Mag. Being Gay is natural part of who I am and that is the only thing I know and proud of.

I am passionate about LGBTQ right, education and HIV/AIDS.

I have passion for LGBTQ rights because I believe as LGBTQ+ community we will not win our rights by staying quietly in closets and while the community is separated. I want to unite the community , stand together to fight lies, the myths, the distortion. We need to come out united to tell the truth about ourselves, cause I am tired of the conspiracy of silence. I will be the hope that will outshine fear. I will commit to stand up and speak out against hate and intolerance. My support for LGBTQ+ youth will be steadfast.

I have lost lot of loved ones through the HIV/AIDS epidemic, with the number of infected youth increasing in our country, I want to be the voice that will educate and create awareness to our youth. Mostly I would seek to support the LGBTQ+ individual from disadvantaged communities. I want them to know that they should not let their background determine their future. They should believe in their dreams no matter how big they may be. Mostly I want them not to fear to be who they are,they should truly embrace their true self because #WeHuman


The main purpose of World Gay Foundation NPC/NPO (Non-Profit Company Registration Number: 2016/302304/08) (NPO Number: 181-515) are to assist the greater Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) community, in supporting causes and charitable events, providing education and awareness programs, and creating an ethos of care within the community and beyond. To achieve its objectives, the organizations will mainly rely on sponsorship and donation income from the public and corporate sector. The organizations value the use of spectacle, pageantry, theatre, creativity, recreation, music, design, multi-media, and other forms of artistic expression, to create LGBTQ+ awareness/celebration, eliminate stigma and promote pride-consciousness as a philosophy for living and being well.