Louw Breytenbach – Mr Gay World South Africa 2021

Louw Breytenbach, 31 years old from Boksburg Johannesburg. At the age of 12 he was diagnosed with mental health issues of which he has 8 diagnosed disorders he carries through his adulthood daily. Despite this, and many other challenges including three suicide attempts in his early youth, a highly publicised car crash in 2019 and severe PTSD, Louw managed to lift himself up time and time again.

As a businessman he is the Director of the National Arts Association of South Africa, and owner of the LALT House of Growth, a community theatre school he started at the age of 21, when he was still paying his own studies. He is the proud holder of a degree in theatre education, a degree in education and a diploma in theology. Louw has also worked extensively in television and was the presenter of Drama Mammas on VIA, script writer for KykNET’s ChatNOU, and featured in various shows including Legacy, Hoor My Sien My Soen My, and Vergewe My. In 2020 Louw made his bow as Director and Producer of the Documentary The Louw Down, a personal project for Howler and the Talent Theatre, focussing on Mental Health and depression.



Louw’s passion shines through everything he does: His love for community, charity and kindness is the trademark of his character and for the past two years he has also proudly headed the GATE OF HOPE mental Health Awareness Campaign. Currently Louw is studying Life Coaching and devotes his time to charities, his family and his passions including exercise, reading and theatre. (I also have a stunning Dalmation, of course, and living in the moment and chasing sunshine are my new life motto’s)