About Us

About Us

Mr Gay World South Africa  is a registered and trademarked competition founded in 2009 to present a professional competition for gay men in South Africa – a role model and a representative of which the entire LGBTQI+ community can be proud of.

Every title holders goes onto represent South Africa at the Mr Gay World Compeition.

In 2020, A consortium of companies took over the management of Mr Gay World South Africa with the campagin ‘United with Purpose’. This group of companies has the skills and experience to lead the organisation and showcase a leader in the community that stands for purpose.

Edith Venter Promotions, Johann Els, Armand Du Plessis and Av and Beyond work closely with the Mr Gay World Organisation. This life-changing experience for the men who enter and compete opens doors to many opportunities as the world becomes their oyster.

The campaign ‘United with Purpose’ was launched in 2020 along side Mr World South Africa which promotes equality and showing the world that all men can stand together for the same purpose regardless of race, religion, colour or creed. both organisations stand by this statement together.

Mr Gay World South Africa is an international leader for his community and stands for the LGBTQI+ community and follow the ethos under the shared banner ‘United with Purpose’. In 2021, Charl-jaquairdo van Helsdingen handed the title over to Louw Breytenbach as Mr Gay World South Africa 2021.


2009: Charl Van Den Berg

2010: Francois Nel

2011: Lance Weyer

2012: Jason Rogers and Steve Williams

2013 – 2014: Werner de Waal

2015: Craig Maggs

2016: Oelof de Meyer

2016: Alexander Steyn

2017: Juan Pinnick

2018: Chris Emmanual

2019-2020: Charl-jaquairdo van Helsdingen

2021: Louw Breytenbach